Method:  Liberty for Us organizes mass-based youth campaigns to recruit thousands of students to knock doors and make phone calls on behalf of Republican candidates. Voters who experience a personal ploy on behalf of a candidate are most likely to vote for such candidate.

Means Liberty for Us can receive any amount of support for candidates. Super PACs have no contribution limits, unlike campaign committees.  The generosity of those concerned for our country makes voter contacts possible.


Liberty Pillars


LFU recruits and trains young people to become neighborhood organizers for Republicans.


Trump's Target Ten

Republicans can count on 126 electoral votes in 2020; however, Republicans need 270 votes to win. This leaves a potential deficit of 144 electoral votes.


Liberty for Us selected the 10 most electorally significant states where Republicans are most likely to win.


Here is how LFU can efficiently and effectively make the winning difference in 2020:


Liberty For Us

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